SNC Works with Municipal Partners to Spruce up Roadsides

15-Sep-2017 15-Sep-2017

South Nation Conservation (SNC) works closely with partners and member Municipalities to plant trees on Municipal lands every year.

With support from the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG), 480 native trees and shrubs will be planted alongside County roadways this fall, in parts of North Stormont, South Dundas and North Dundas.

“There are many benefits to having trees along roadsides including, absorbing and cleaning roadside runoff, serving as natural snow fences and windbreaks, providing habitat and food for wildlife and pollinators, and reducing noise pollution” said Cheyene Brunet, SNC’s Forestry Technician.

SNC delivers this program on behalf of the United Counties of SDG and is responsible for ordering stock, planting, maintenance, refilling and monitoring these sites until they are free to grow on their own! New sites are selected by SNC and County staff each year.

The addition of this year’s six sites will bring the total to 22 roadside tree planting projects across the region, since the collaboration began in 2010.

“Programs such as these contribute to enhancing public spaces and local forest cover, while leaving a natural legacy for future generations” added Brunet.

SNC offers property owners, organizations and member Municipalities a variety of tree planting subsidies and programs for idle land, stream banks and buffer strips. Over-the-counter coniferous and deciduous tree sales are also available for smaller orders and are accepted year-round!

In addition to community tree planting events, free tree giveaways are sponsored by organizations which provide free trees to property owners in select locations. Organizations looking to partner on these initiatives can contact SNC.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Cheyene Brunet, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 295,