Plant Your Roots in SNC Forestry Programs

04-Aug-2017 04-Aug-2017

If you enjoy exploring local, natural outdoor spaces, South Nation Conservation (SNC) can use your help! With over 12,000 acres of forested land under SNC’s ownership throughout its 4,384 km2 jurisdiction from North of Brockville to Plantagenet, SNC recruits Forest Stewards to help manage and protect their local environment.

“Forest Stewards receive training by staff to monitor SNC properties near their home and communicate their findings back to us,” said program coordinator, Holly Stemberger. Stewards are asked to report back to SNC on property uses, trail maintenance needs, and species observed.

“Forest Stewards are our eyes and ears on the ground and come from a broad range of backgrounds from hunters to naturalists. No experience is needed to apply! The only restriction is that applicants must be at least 18 years of age,” added Stemberger.

Becoming a Forest Steward is a great way to help preserve the beauty and accessibility of the natural spaces maintained by SNC for public use and enjoyment. Contact SNC today to learn how you can enlist as a Forest Steward!

There are many other ways landowners can get involved in SNC’s forest stewardship programs. Thanks to provincial funding, SNC continues to offer coniferous and deciduous trees at a reduced rate to residents of SNC’s jurisdiction. Tree orders are already being accepted for 2018!

SNC also offers a Woodlot Advisory Service for landowners in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

“Through our Woodlot Advisory Service, a Forestry Technician will visit your property and suggest management options based on a preliminary site evaluation. Landowners will also receive information about programs, such as the Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, which can provide a tax reduction of up to 75% on privately-owned residential land in Ontario,” said SNC’s Forestry Technician, Cheyene Brunet.

Landowners that complete an Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program plan may be eligible for a subsidy of up to $500 through SNC.

For more information on SNC’s Forest Stewards Program: Holly Stemberger, 1-877-984-2948, ext. 288,

For more information on Tree Planting, Woodlot Advisory Service, and Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program: Cheyene Brunet, 1-877-984-2948, ext. 295,