02-Oct-2015 02-Oct-2015

It’s harvest time, and not just for Eastern Ontario farmers.

Currently, South Nation Conservation is busy on a few of its many forested sites, culling lower quality trees and in the process promoting sustainable management and improved forest health.

Harvested trees will be sold, with a significant proportion of an estimated $46,000 in revenues to be reinvested into forested public lands through improved access and ongoing silvicultural activities.

Tendered in 2013, the winning harvesting bid came from Lavern Heideman & Sons Ltd. of Eganville. The Heideman operation produces lumber for national and worldwide sale.

Sites now receiving attention are within Warwick Forest along County Road 9 five km east of Berwick, and along Sand Road five km north of Monkland. The harvest areas comprise 217 acres of red and white pine, white spruce and hardwoods.

Trails within Warwick Forest will be improved following harvesting operations.

The removal process is called “Row and Selection Thinning” for pine and spruce, and Selection Management for hardwoods, explained forester Jim Hendry, SNC Team Lead Property.

Trees to be culled were previously marked and measured to determine total harvest volume, estimated at 3,400 cords. Hendry added that 30-40 per cent of trees will be harvested by next March 31.

He noted that, in terms of individual selection, the focus is on trees that have been affected by disease, invasive insects, or damage. This improves the overall state of the forest by providing more sunlight, water and nutrients to higher quality trees remaining.

Harvesting operations also provide for protection of species diversity and wildlife habitat, Hendry emphasized.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jim Hendry, 877-984-2948, ext. 235.