SNC Continues Restoration Efforts at Leitrim Wetland

07-Sep-2018 07-Sep-2018

Thanks to provincial funding support, South Nation Conservation (SNC) is continuing its ongoing restoration efforts at the Leitrim Wetland, a provincially significant wetland south of Findlay Creek in the City of Ottawa.

Over time, man-made modifications and invasive species have impacted the Leitrim Wetland; drains have reduced the Wetland’s water levels and invasive Glossy Buckthorn continues to threaten the sensitive and rare ecosystem. Glossy Buckthorn is an invasive shrub native to Europe and was first observed in the Leitrim Wetland in late 1980s. In certain areas of the wetland, coverage of Glossy Buckthorn approaches 90%.

This work will include repairing failed earthen plugs in drains, removing and replacing invasive Glossy Buckthorn with native vegetation, and planting native trees and shrubs along 200 metres of the North-South Swale tributary of Findlay Creek to improve the riparian habitat. Work is set to begin this month.

“Wetlands play a key role in the health of our local ecosystems” says Michelle Cavanagh, SNC Team Lead, Stewardship. “It’s important that the Leitrim Wetland continues to improve and provide ecological and social benefits to the local community.”

This year’s restoration project is just one of the many ongoing stewardship efforts that SNC completes within the Leitrim Wetland each year, with the support of Tartan and Tamarack Homes, the City of Ottawa and the Findlay Creek Community Association.

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