Maple Education Program

Bookings are now closed for our 2019 Maple Syrup Education Program. Big thanks to all students and educators for sharing sweet memories with us at Oschmann Forest

SNC's flagship Maple Education Program is back, and better than ever!

Once offered at Sand Road Maple Farm, it is now being offered at the Oschmann Forest in Ormond, ON (Winchester) for its 18th season.

The bilingual and not-for-profit Maple Education Program provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 level students with a hands-on environmental learning experience at a local sugar shack.

Students learn the process of maple syrup production as it has evolved from Aboriginal traditions through to modern day production techniques, with the goal of connecting students to the natural environment.

Participants are guided on an interpretive forest walk, where they learn about natural heritage, forest management and ecosystem habitats. Demonstrations of maple syrup production and sap collection are delivered, as well as a delicious maple treat!

SNC's Maple Education Program will run the last 2 weeks of March to the first week of April. Tours are geared towards the participants’ education-level to ensure the best experience.

For more information or to register, please contact us at or 1-877-984-2948.

We look forward to making sweet discoveries together!