Vacancy on the Raisin-South Nation Drinking Water Source Protection Committee

11-Oct-2022 11-Oct-2022

There is a vacancy to be filled on the Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Committee.

Eligible candidates interested in representing the public interest at large and having knowledge of local jurisdictions and drinking water issues are invited to submit their application by November 7th, 2022 to:

A Source Protection Committee was established in accordance with the Clean Water Act, 2006 and has developed a locally driven, science-based Source Protection Plan that aims to reduce the risk of contamination and overuse of our drinking water sources. The role of the Committee is to guide the review and updates of the Source Protection Plan using a science-based approach and to ensure that all relevant information is considered.

The Source Protection Committee is comprised of 15 members, 4 liaisons, and the Chair. Membership consists of:

• 5 members representing Municipalities

• 2 members representing First Nations

• 3 members representing the agricultural sector

• 1 member representing the aggregate sector

• 1 member representing the industrial/commercial sector

• 2 members representing environmental interests

• 3 members representing the public interest at large

A job description, eligibility requirements, application forms and other information about the Committee and the Drinking Water Source Protection Program are available at