The Unveiling of the Alvin Runnalls Forest

19-Jun-2018 19-Jun-2018

South Nation Conservation (SNC) and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG) unveiled the new Alvin Runnalls Forest, which include parcels of land owned by SDG and SNC, on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan and Deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce were on site with SNC and SDG officials who welcomed the Runnalls family and approximately 70 neighbors and friends who attended the event.

The Alvin Runnalls Forest in the Township of North Dundas is now located behind the old Ninth Schoolhouse at 1919 County Road 7, North of Chesterville, the event include a few words from the Runnalls family, a sign unveiling, tour of the property, refreshments and cake.

Through a community land initiative led by SDG, 7 County Forest properties will be named in 2018, promoting the recreational use and sustainable management of forests. South Nation Conservation is the management partner of all the SDG owned forests.

The forest was dedicated after long-time leader, Alvin Runnalls, for his 40-years of community involvement. Runnalls passed away in 2016, at the age of 76, following a tree felling accident.

Runnalls lived not far from the forest which now bears his name where he farmed, kept bees; he served four terms on the North Dundas Council and had held the position of warden of SDG.

“From serving as Mayor of North Dundas to representing SDG as a member of the SNC Board of Directors, Alvin was involved in over a dozen organizations, providing them with his strong leadership skills to help them succeed and surpass their goals,” said Pat Piitz, SNC’s Team Lead, Property.

SNC also benefitted greatly from Alvin’s advice and guidance during his seven-year term as a SNC Board Member and continued involvement on SNC’s Communcations Committee.

“Alvin supported and assisted in the advancement of SNC’s initiatives to conserve, restore, develop and manage the natural resources of the South Nation River Watershed,” added Piitz. “It was an absolute honour to recognize Alvin and the work that he has done for the community in this way.”

SNC and SDG accepts donated lands year-round through Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program. Donated lands are used to improve forest cover, ensure healthy ecosystems, and provide public recreational opportunities.

For more information: Pat Piitz, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 306,