SNC Offers Hunting Opportunities on Select SNC Lands this Fall

12-Sep-2023 12-Sep-2023

As summer fades and cooler temperatures move into Eastern Ontario, many of South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) watershed residents anticipate the start of the hunting season this Fall. Select SNC properties are accessible to the public for hunting and trapping opportunities, with permission from the Conservation Authority.

SNC owns and manages over 13,000 acres of community forests, wetlands, and grasslands across its 4,480 square-kilometre watershed jurisdiction; offering almost 9,000 acres of land used as hunting areas each year.

SNC Conservation Lands are sustainably managed, restored, and maintained for recreational use and natural heritage protection. Some of these protected natural areas offer a range of hunting opportunities for species such as deer, moose, waterfowl, upland game, and rabbit.

“Responsible hunting and trapping are beneficial to ecosystems and help to maintain balanced wildlife populations,” explained Ryan Robson, an SNC Conservation Lands Technician. “Hunters must have provincial permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and should always carry their outdoor card, license summary, valid hunting tags, and proof of firearm accreditation.”

The cost for a permit to hunt on select SNC properties is $100 for watershed residents, paid to the Conservation Authority. Hunters cannot hunt within most Conservation Areas where there are active recreational trails, and they should consult SNC’s online mapping portal to determine which properties are approved for hunting. All posted signs and regulations should be observed and, as of 2023, all approved hunters must display an SNC tag within their vehicle dashboard when hunting or trapping on SNC
Conservation Lands.

All SNC permit fees help support land management activities and SNC’s annual Youth Hunt Apprenticeship Program. Since 2007, SNC has partnered with the Delta Waterfowl South Nation Branch to deliver a Youth Hunt for local youth in Eastern Ontario, teaching about the importance of ethical hunting, respecting safety, wildlife habitat, and private property.

“We are proud to offer a Youth Hunt Program in the watershed. It’s a great opportunity for our local youth to learn how to hunt, responsibly and safely,” said Robson.  

Hunters should always exercise caution when accessing SNC Lands and wear high visibility clothing, as some areas may have multiple users at any given time.

Residents are advised to keep themselves and their pets safe while exploring the outdoors during hunting season by wearing high visibility clothing and being aware of their surroundings if they are in a permitted
hunting zone.

It is illegal to hunt on SNC Lands without a permit from the Conservation Authority and all hunters must follow hunting regulations. Please be aware of specific hunting requirements in your area and always keep your SNC hunting licence with you while hunting
on SNC Lands.

To report poaching and other hunting or natural resource violations, please call the MNRF tip line
at 1-877-847-7667.

For more information and to access SNC’s permit application form please visit or call 1-877-984-2948.