SNC Makes a Splash at Local Elementary Schools

23-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018

South Nation Conservation (SNC) delivered the eco-education program called Stream of Dreams to nearly 1,000 local elementary students this year.

SNC partnered with Mother Theresa Catholic School in Russell, Roxmore Public School in Avonmore, and Centennial ’67 Public School in Spencerville to teach children about the importance of protecting their local watershed, rivers, and streams.

Following an in-class workshop, each student painted a unique Dreamfish, which were later assembled into colorful murals on each school’s chain-link fence to inspire and remind the community to conserve and protect our water resources. 

A mural viewing took place at Roxmore Public School on November 21 to celebrate the environmental education learnt from Stream of Dreams.  Students were heard chanting a key message of the program, “Only rain down the drain”, and were eager to share their newfound knowledge of their local watershed with teachers, Mayor of North Stormont Dennis Fife, and SNC staff and Board members.

“Students are sharing the Stream of Dreams lessons not only in the school hallway with their friends, but also with their families,” said Patrick Guindon, a teacher at Roxmore Public School.  “The workshop has challenged the students to think twice about what they put down the drain.”

Stream of Dreams is a nation-wide program founded in 2000 after toxic material was dumped down a storm drain in Burnaby, British Columbia, killing thousands of fish.  The incident inspired local community members to take action and educate others on the importance of protecting local watersheds.  SNC has delivered the program to 6 schools in its jurisdiction since 2016.

“SNC is proud to be a Stream of Dreams delivery agent in Eastern Ontario.  The Program complements both art and science curriculum links and is a great addition to our roster of watershed education programming.  We look forward to installing additional murals in 2019,” stated John Mesman, SNC Team Lead, Communications and Outreach.

For more information: Lisa Van De Ligt, 877-984-2948, ext. 249.