SNC Attains Three Millionth Tree Milestone

07-May-2018 07-May-2018

South Nation Conservation has reached a major milestone, planting its three millionth tree since 1990 when it introduced a partnership program with private landowners and public organizations.

The milestone was celebrated May 5 at Camp Sheldrick, Township of North Dundas, with planting of a 1500-tree windbreak backed by more than 200 regional Scouts. A white pine was planted as the official three millionth three.

“The Scouting movement has always been a great supporter of tree planting,” said John Mesman, SNC Team Lead, Communications and Outreach. “Most of the trees planted during our community events have been planted by scouts, which is why we felt strongly about sharing this milestone with them.”

Forests help filter the air and protect the quality and quantity of drinking water. They offer shade, reduce erosion, shelter wildlife, and provide valuable forest products.

“SNC partners with community groups and partner organizations on public tree planting projects every year,” said John Mesman. “Every year, more than 100,000 native trees and shrubs are planted by SNC staff, partners, and private landowners, along stream banks, on vacant land, in managed forests, and on properties donated to SNC by owners who want to keep them in their native state.”

Along with water quality and flood management, wildlife and habitat enhancement, education and awareness, reforestation is one of the cornerstone programs of SNC which in 2017 celebrated its 70th anniversary.

“There are never too many trees,” Mesman emphasized, pointing out that despite ongoing planting efforts, the forest cover threshold across SNC’s jurisdiction, on average, has fallen below the minimum set by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

SNC’s General Manager, Angela Coleman noted that the tree planting program has been one of SNC’s mainstays and a truly remarkable undertaking by volunteers and staff.

Think about it… three million trees! That’s a lot of trees and a lot of dedication and effort, a goal only realized thanks to buy-in from the community at large. Next stop: our four millionth tree!”

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