Donate to Your Local Conservation Authority This Holiday Season

11-Dec-2020 11-Dec-2020

Are you donating to local charities this holiday season? Do you want your donation to make a difference in your community, and help to protect and restore the local environment? Why not consider donating to your local Conservation Authority!

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is a not-for-profit, community-based environmental organization that relies on donations and self-generated revenue to spearhead certain environmental initiatives across its 4,441 square-kilometer watershed jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario.

In 2020, donations accounted for 8% of SNC’s annual operating budget, helping to fund Conservation Area accessibility upgrades, tree planting on public lands, and community free tree giveaways to help increase regional forest cover.

Donations also help to fund SNC’s environmental outreach programs for local youth. These programs include summer Youth Fish Camps, the Maple Syrup Education Program at the Oschmann Forest Conservation Area in North Dundas, and the Stream of Dreams Educational Art Program delivered in local schools.

Although SNC’s environmental outreach programs were put on hold for the 2020 season, the Conservation Authority hopes they can return in some capacity next year.

Donations can also be made towards: a particular Conservation Area for property or trail upgrades; memorial trees or benches in memory of loved ones; native wildlife habitat restoration projects; or tree planting.

Donations can be easily made online at or by contacting the Conservation Authority’s office in Finch at 1-877-984-2948 or, and donors can remain anonymous if they wish. SNC is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency and may issue donation receipts for tax return purposes.

SNC is also a member of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and is approved to accept donations of land through Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program, which can provide significant financial benefits to donors.

“Our hard-working teams have lead hundreds of environmental projects to success, thanks to the help of our donors, and community and municipal partners,” said John Mesman, SNC’s Communications Lead. “You can trust that your donation is in good hands and will help to fund local environmental projects that might not otherwise be possible.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Taylor Campbell, Communications Specialist, 1-877-984-2948,