Mill Run Conservation Area, Augusta, Ontario

Generously donated by Augusta Township in 2021, the Mill Run Conservation Area provides people with the first public and maintained river access to the South Nation River in the Augusta area while working to protect natural heritage and forest cover in Eastern Ontario. The 9-acre site offers a scenic river route where people can easily canoe or kayak from Augusta to the historic Spencerville Mill and Museum.

Paddle the headwaters of the South Nation River upstream of the 200-year-old grist mill—the last one that operates on these banks. The popular Mill Run route has high water levels in the early spring, producing rapids and eddies for an exciting start to your journey.

Doug Malanka, Mayor of Augusta Township (pictured left), and Pat Piitz, SNC's Properties Lead (pictured right), stand next to a temporary project sign installed at the new Conservation Area site on McCrea Road

Site features

  • 5659 McCrea Rd, Augusta
  • Conditions: Meadow, future pollinator garden, river access
  • Activities: Geocaching, birding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, dog walking (on leash)
  • Amenities: Parking lot, trail, river access

River Access features

  • Conditions: Meadow, river access
  • Activities: Fishing, kayaking and canoeing, hiking
  • Amenities: river access