South Nation Wood Creations: Online Auction for Tree Planting

Bid on Local Wood Wares to Help Us Plant More Trees In Your Community

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, several of SNC’s in-person fundraising events, including its annual charity golf tournament, continue to be postponed. These events have previously funded environmental education programs for local youth and public Conservation Area accessibility features.

This year, SNC will once again host an online silent wood ware auction in October 2021 in support of tree planting initiatives across its 4,441 square-kilometre watershed jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario.

Trees and forests provide many benefits and services to society, including clean water, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, carbon storage, watershed protection, flood and erosion control, and improved human health. They also help to beautify the landscape and provide shade and aesthetic appeal.

Our Goal

SNC is a not-for-profit, community-based environmental agency that relies on donations and self-generated revenue to protect and enhance the local environment.

Since 1990, SNC has planted more than 3.4 million trees across its watershed jurisdiction thanks to community and municipal partnerships and fundraising initiatives.

Over 230,000 trees were planted by SNC in 2020; but, with your support, we are hoping to surpass this number in 2022 to set an all-time record for the highest number of trees planted in one year by the SNC.

How It Works

We're using 32 Auctions to hold our online auction; a trusted and reliable online silent auction platform used by thousands of organizations worldwide. 32 Auctions will not collect your credit card information; however, you will need to provide your email address to participate and place bids. Bidding will be open from October 8 to 28. Following the auction, SNC will be invoicing highest bidders in Canadian currency, and will arrange for a safe pick-up or drop-off at your discretion. 

Information including wood ware type, size, fair market value, and woodworker biographies will be included on the auction webpage to help inform your bidding. Private viewings may be requested.

Can I Donate?

It's not too late to donate wood wares! We will accept donations until the launch of the auction. 

We are accepting donations of furniture, wooden art, serving boards, vases, or any other woodworking projects until October 6th; email us at or call 1-877-984-2948.

You can also donate to SNC without bidding on items. Click here to make a donation online.

Participating Artists

As of October 12, 2021

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A Poster for South Nation Wood Creations Online Auction in support of tree planting. The top of the poster has a light sage sky with white clouds, and the bottom of the poster has a purple ground with red, orange, and yellow trees.