Forestry Committee

The Forestry Committee provides guidance to SNC staff in the delivery of its forestry program. Members include representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry Consultants, farmers, rural landowners, Board Members, Contractors, MNRF, Snowmobile Associations, UCPR, and UCSDG.

2023 Forestry Committee Members
Members Association
François Allard Public Citizen
Alain Bertrand Public Citizen
Maurice Chabot Public Citizen
Phil  Duncan UCSDG
Dorothy Hamilton SDG OWA
vacant   MNRF
Steve Hunter UCPR
Murray Inch Public Citizen
Glenn Mackey Public Citizen, Committee Chair
Dave Robertson Public Citizen 
Bill Smirle SNC Board Member
François St. Amour UCPR
Doug Thompson Public Citizen
Ron Toonders Ag Soil and Crop
Pierre  Leroux SNC Chair, ex-officio
Steve Densham SNC Vice Chair, ex-officio
George  Darouze SNC Past Chair, ex-officio


Staff Liasion:  Ronda Boutz, Secretary-Treasurer - email:

2023 Meeting Schedule
2023 Agenda and Powerpoint Approved Minutes
February 28th: 2023 02 FOR Agenda 2023 02 FOR Minutes
  2023 02 FOR PPT   
March 23rd: Joint Standing Committee Meeting  
  2023 03 JSC Agenda  
June 6th: 2023 06 FOR Agenda 2023 06 FOR Minutes
  2023 06 FOR Supplemental Agenda  
  Land Securement Strategy 2023  
  2023 06 FOR PPT  
September 5th: 2023 09 FOR Agenda 2023 09 FOR Minutes
  2023 09 FOR Supplemental   
  2023 09 FOR PPT  
Forestry Committee Minutes:  Archives

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