Standing Committees Terms of Reference

According to SNC’s Administrative Policy, the Board of Directors (Board) may establish standing committees to study and report on specific matters. The Board will approve a mandate for each standing committee which will outline their area of responsibility. The Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair are ex officio members of all SNC standing committees with full voting privileges. Standing committee actions (i.e. recommendations pertaining to programs and budget items under their mandate) must be approved by the Board prior to execution of these actions.

The following Terms of Reference sets out the administrative and operating procedures of all SNC standing committees.


- To promote and advocate for South Nation Conservation and its role in watershed management

- To provide stakeholder feedback and/or expert knowledge regarding implementation of programs and services under the committee’s mandate

- To make recommendations to the Board on policies and programs that relate to their mandate


- Provide input to budgets and programs within their mandate at such a time that coincides with the draft budgeting schedule of SNC

- Review annual work plans, as per approved budget, for presentation to March Board meeting

- Annually review committee’s mandate and evaluate effectiveness of programs under this mandate

- Make recommendations for program implementation to Board

- Communicate results of program achievements to the public

- Assist with fundraising initiatives by actively identifying funding sources and advocating for projects partnerships


- 15 members maximum per committee plus 3 ex officio Board Members

  • strive for watershed representation, both geographic and functional
  • with 75% majority vote of the committee at which quorum is achieved, additional members may be added to the committee, subject to Board approval
  • budgets for travel/per meeting allowances, will not change from the budgeted amount, regardless of committee size
  • staff support will remain nominally the same, regardless of committee size

- All committee appointments to be approved annually by the Board by the March Board meeting

- Any committee member (excluding ex officio members) missing two consecutive meetings without communicating justification, to the Committee Chair, will be removed from the committee

- Failure to achieve quorum for two consecutive meetings shall trigger an automatic review by the Board on that particular standing committee

- Members failing to attend a meeting without prior notification of regrets will be recorded as absent in the meeting minutes

Committee Chair

- To be elected by the Committee

- Acting Chair to be appointed by Committee if required

- Chair (or designate) will represent Committee at meetings and events as required

- Chair will encourage each member to bring ideas on projects, funding, partnerships, etc.


- 50% plus 1 of committee approved by the Board constitutes quorum for all matters relating to financial allocations or major decisions concerning program implementation

  • Ex-officios do not count towards quorum

- Non-financial matters can be dealt with by consensus

Frequency of Meetings and Manner of Call

- Committees to meet 4 times per year, and to include as a minimum: 

  • preparation of work plan for upcoming year
  • attendance at joint coordinating meeting of all SNC Standing Committees
  • review of progress of work plans
  • review work completed and evaluate if objectives were met

- Additional meetings may be held with 75% concurrence of the committee at which there is quorum

- Committees shall establish meeting dates for the next year at the last meeting of the year

- Notices of meetings shall be sent by electronic means, or other manner decided on by SNC, a minimum of 14  calendar days prior to the meeting

- Agendas to be emailed to committee members 4 business days prior to meeting date

- Conference calls, video conferencing, and/or electronic voting may be utilized by the committee in place of an in-person meeting with concurrence of 75% of the committee


- Committees shall be assigned an SNC staff person to support the committee and act as liaison with SNC

- Committee members will be paid a meeting allowance, capped at 80% of Board members meeting allowance, and mileage, at rate established by the Board for SNC

- The approved budget of SNC will identify the funding resources of each standing committee

- Light refreshments to be served to committees


- Chair or designate will bring a report, via the draft meeting minutes of the committee, to Board after each committee meeting

- All motions of committees that require funding shall reference SNC’s budget section(s)

- Board will make a final decision on all committee programs and required funding through approval of committee actions in the draft minutes

- All committee members will engage, at least once per year, with their member organizations, the public, and/or their municipalities to promote their committee and the work it does; members will provide an update to the Committee on these engagements


- Notices of meetings to be sent to media in SNC jurisdiction, as a minimum

- Press releases on major recommendations of committees or highlights/key issues of programs to be issued after Board approves minutes

- Approved minutes of standing committees to be posted on SNC’s website