Comité de l'eau propre

The main role of the water quality committee is to manage programs aimed at water quality, including the Clean Water Program. This financial assistance program supports landowners who wish to protect the quality of groundwater and surface water. Under this program, which has been in effect for 20 years, $ 2.6 million has been allocated to finance over 880 projects across the watershed.

Water quality committee
Ray Beauregard Ontario Cattlemen's Association
Russell  Bennett Farmer
Michel Kearney City of Ottawa
Jacqueline Kelly-Pemberton  Farmer, Committee Chair
Alan Kruszel Ontario Soil & Crop Association 
Marc Laflèche Ontario Soil & Crop Association
Genevieve  Lajoie UCPR
Rene Lalonde Farmer
David Lapen Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Yves Laviolette UCPR
Glenn Mackey Farmer
Andre Pommainville Farmer
Tara  Redpath City of Ottawa
Terrence Sauve OMAFRA
Bill Smirle SNC Board Member
François  St. Amour SNC Board Member
Doug Thompson Public Citizen
Adrian Wynands Farmer
vacant   ORCWP
Pierre  Leroux UCPR and SNC Chair, ex-officio
Steve Densham SNC Vice Chair, ex-officio
George Darouze SNC Past Chair, ex-officio


Staff Liaison: Ronda Boutz, Secretary-Treasurer
2023 meeting calendar
2023 Agenda and Powerpoint Approved Minutes
 27 février: 2023 02 CWC Agenda  2023 02 CWC Minutes
  2023 02 Supp   
  2023 02 Staff PPT - (none)  
23 mars: Réunion du Comite permanent conjoint  
  2023 03 JSC Agenda  
26 juin: 2023 06 CWC Agenda 2023 06 CWC Minutes
  2023 06 CWC Supp - (none)  
  2023 06 CWC Staff PPT   
  2023 06 CWC Grant Program PPT   
18 septembre: 2023 09 CWC Agenda  2023 09 CWC Minutes
  2023 09 CWC Supp  
  2023 09 CWC Staff PPT  
  2023 09 CWC Grant Program PPT  
27 novembre: 2023 11 CWC Agenda 2023 11 CWC Minutes
  2023 11 CWC Supp Agenda  
  2023 11 CWC Staff PPT  
  2023 11 CWC Grant Program PPT  

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