South Nation River Fish

SNC fish ecology experts provide local knowledge of the 72 fish species that live in the South Nation River system. We assess fish populations and communities in water by using a variety of sampling gears and methods. Fish are temporarily captured using hoop and seine nets; backpack electro-fishing devices; and minnow traps. 

The overall health of the South Nation watershed is carefully monitored and reported by SNC, using fish as one indicator. The Near Shore Community Index Netting (NSCIN) monitoring program, for example, supplies baseline data that provides insight into population dynamics and species variety, abundance, and health within the six reaches of the South Nation River. The reaches are defined at water control structures located on the main stem of the river. Typically, we sample one reach per year.

An in-depth Fish Population Analysis is available that summarizes SNC’s first 10 years of fish sampling data.  The report can be requested by contacting

Learn about the 72 fish species in the South Nation River here.

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