Stream of Dreams

SNC is now licensed to deliver the popular Stream of Dreams Community Art and Environmental Education Program. 

The Stream of Dreams program was created in British Columbia to help improve environmental education through a community art program to help people better understand their connection to the watershed that they live in, and the fish habitat. The program helps educate users on the importance of not only protecting their waterways and the resulting habitat, but also our sources of drinking water.  

The program will include three days’ of curriculum-based programming on environmental education geared towards different age groups. Students will be provided with wooden fish and throughout the workshops where they will paint their fish and learn about the importance of protecting fish habitat and protecting streams through a multi-barrier approach. Upon completion, volunteers will assist the school groups in mounting the fish on a public community fence for display.

There is a cost to the program for all of the supplies and fish, which we can discuss if this is something that you may be interested in.

Mural at St. Patricks Catholic School in Rockland.