Status of Forest Cover

Forest Conservation Working Group

South Nation Conservation (SNC) and its member Municipalities are committed to protecting and improving forest cover in the SNC jurisdiction. An Agricultural Forest Cover Committee was established in 2017 and they presented their preliminary recommendations report to the SNC Board of Directors, including the need to broaden stakeholder engagement. This Working Group will build on the Committee’s initial work and provide recommendations to the SNC Board of Directors. A copy of the Working Group Terms of Reference is available here

 The digital analysis of aerial photography of Eastern Ontario from 2008 and 2014 provides South Nation Conservation (SNC) and member Municipalities accurate data on forest cover status. Changes in forest cover include: residential land development, industrial/commercial development, agriculture, solar farms, and other unsustainable forest harvest practices.



Forest cover, an attribute closely linked to ecosystem health, has fallen below the Environmental and Climate Change Canada's minimum forest cover threshold of 30%. In 2014, jursidiction forest cover was 28%. Forest cover loss is represented as the percentage of change, from 2008 to 2014, exclusively for forested land.SNC's current approach to forestry related services is not enough to address the growing concerns arising due to the loss of forest cover. 


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Click here to visit our new 2008-2014 Interactive Forest Cover Map.

In addition, we now have an archive of forestry news articles from news sources around the jurisdiction from 2013-2016.