Clean Water Committee

The Clean Water Committee’s main function is to administer water quality programs. This includes the Clean Water Program, a grant-giving initiative that helps landowners protect surface and ground water quality. The twenty year old program has dispensed $2.2 million in grants, helping to complete more than 720 projects across the watershed.

Clean Water Committee Members

Jacqueline Kelly-Pemberton, Committee Chair

Ray Beauregard

Elizabeth Holmes

Jack Hoogenboom

Michel Kearney

Alan Kruszel

René Lalonde

Conrad Lamadeleine

David Lapen

Pierre Leroux

Lawrence Levere

Glenn Mackey, SNC Board

Mercedes Marcano

Keith Mathie

Gib Patterson

Andre Pommainville

Renay Roberts

Julia Robinson

Terrence Sauve

Bill Smirle, SNC Board

Martin Streit

Norm Tinkler

Adrian Wynands 

Francois St. Amour, SNC Chair, ex-officio

Fernand Dicaire, SNC Vice Chair, ex-officio

Doug Thompson, SNC Past Chair, ex-officio

Staff Liaison:  Ronda Boutz, Team Lead, Stewardship, Acting



2017 Meeting Schedule

 Meeting Date                                                       Minutes


Joint Steering Committee Meetings

March 2, 2017

2017 03 CWC Agenda, 9:30 am                         2017 03 CWC Minutes

2017 03 CWC Supplemental Agenda

Joint Steering Committee Agenda, 1-3 pm         2017 03 JSC Minutes


June 12, 2017

2017 06 CWC Agenda                                        2017 06 CWC Minutes

2017 06 CWC Supplemental Agenda


September 11, 2017

2017 09 CWC Agenda                                       2017 09 CWC Minutes

2017 09 CWC Supplemental Agenda


November 13, 2017

2017 11 CWC Agenda                                       2017 11 CWC Minutes

2017 11 CWC Supplemental Agenda


Clean Water Committee Meeting Minutes

2016  Minutes