Fish and Wildlife Committee

The Fish and Wildlife Committee is comprised of stakeholders, anglers and residents who help guide SNC staff in the management, monitoring and enhancement of natural resources projects and programs.  Members meet four times per year in the Boardroom at SNC’s office to discuss and review the work that staff are doing.

Committee members are encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities.  Many do so by helping with the hoop netting alongside fisheries staff or sowing Wild Rice on the South Nation River. 

2022 Fish and Wildlife Committee Members
Member Association
Malcolm Clark  Russell Fish and Game Club
vacant   Ottawa Fly Fishers
Alvin Cluff-Clyburne Russell Fish and Game Club
Joffre Cote MNRF 
Doug Culver Naturalist & Recreational Angler
Stéphane Dubuc Trapper
Ed Fields Delta Waterfowl
Abraham Francis Mohawks of Akwesasne
Susan Gallinger Public Citizen 
vacant   Grenville Fish and Game Club
Aleta Karstad Fragile Inheritance Natural History
Shawn Landriault Public Citizen
Kirk Myelde Public Citizen
Frederick Schueler Fragile Inheritance Natural History, Chair
Bill Smirle SNC Board Member
Larry Smith South Nation Archery Supply
Doug  Thompson Public Citizen
Pierre  Leroux SNC Chair, ex-officio
Steve Densham SNC Vice Chair, ex-officio
George  Darouze SNC Past Chair, ex-officio

Staff Liaison: Ronda Boutz, Secretary-Treasurer   -

2022 Meeting Schedule  
2022 Agenda and Powerpoint Approved Minutes
March 3rd: Joint Standing Committee Meeting  
  2022 JSC Agenda  
March 3rd: 2022 03 FW Agenda 2022 03 FW Minutes
  2022 03 FW Powerpoint  
June 7th: 2022 06 FW Agenda 2022 06 FW Minutes
  2022 06 FW Powerpoint  
September 6th: 2022 09 FW Agenda 2022 09 FW Minutes
  2022 09 FW Powerpoint  
November 29th: 2022 11 FW Agenda 2022 11 FW Minutes
  2022 11 FW Supplemental  
  2022 11 FW Powerpoint  
 Fish and Wildlife Committee Minutes:  Archives

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