More Information About Landslides

A video about the Quick Clay Landslide at Rissa - 1978 (with English commentary). 

Description:  On the 29th of April 1978, a quick clay landslide devastated large areas of the rural district of Rissa, Norway. One person died and: 13 farms; 2 homes; a cabin and a community center were taken by the landslide. Five to six million cubic meters of clay collapsed from an area of 330,000 m2 leaving a 1.5 kilometer slide face. The landslide caused great material damage to the community of Leira when a resulting three-meter high floodwave breached the opposite bank of Lake Botnen shortly after the main slide.  The Rissa landslide was caught on 8 mm cinefilm by two film amateurs. This is still used actively in avalanche preventative and educational work.


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