Virtual Information Sessions for Natural Hazard Mapping

Conservation Authorities: Protecting People and Property

South Nation Conservation (SNC) updates floodplain and erosion hazard maps (also known as natural hazard maps) on behalf of its partner municipalities when requested, specifically in areas facing increased development pressures. Natural hazard maps help guide sustainable development activities and protect people and property from natural hazards including flooding and erosion.

Natural hazard maps are used by municipalities and SNC when updating official plans and zoning schedules, and in reviewing development applications to protect people and property from natural hazards and guide sustainable development activities.  

Development projects within natural hazard areas (like floodplains) require permission from the Conservation Authority before proceeding.

Updates to mapping require public consultation according to the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario. Dates for public consultations are regularly posted on SNC's online events calendar. Information is posted below on upcoming online public consultations.

Upcoming Virtual Public Consultations on Natural Hazard Mapping

SNC will be hosting online public information sessions for residents to learn more about new floodplain and erosion hazard maps for areas along Clarence Creek within the City of Clarence-Rockland and Findlay Creek and North Castor River within the City of Ottawa.

The Conservation Authority will be live streaming presentations on the new natural hazard mapping in affected areas via their YouTube channel ( on the following dates:

How do I participate in the live information sessions?

Simply visit SNC's YouTube channel at to tune in to the live presentation from SNC staff on the selected date for your region. You are not required to create a YouTube account to view the live presentations; all you need is an internet connection. SNC will also record the presentation and make it available for replay on its YouTube channel.

Can I ask any questions?

The information sessions will be live presentations from SNC staff and there will be no question and answer periods. Presentation topics will include: what is a floodplain, what is erosion, what does this mean for my property, are there new development regulations, etc.

Affected residents who wish to ask questions and learn more following the information session may schedule a private meeting with SNC staff, either online or in-person at SNC's office in Finch. Meetings can be scheduled on business days and evenings between November 16th and 27th. Please schedule your meeting here; or call 1-877-984-2948.

Additional Resources

Final natural hazard mapping reports are added to the Reports section of SNC's website, and updated maps are added to SNC's public Geoportal. Note: the maps for Findlay Creek, North Castor River, and Clarence Creek are not yet approved by SNC's Board of Directors and remain in draft form until after the public consultation period.

Access the draft maps here:

Understanding flood messages and preparing your family and property for a flood is the best defence. SNC has prepared resources to provide guidance to property owners before and after a flood event. Flooding can create problems in and around your home; take a moment to become familiar with these resources. Stay up to date with your municipality during emergency response.