Conservation Areas Workshop

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The Annual Conservation Areas Workshop will be held at Geneva Park near Orillia, Ontario: October 24th - 26th, 2018.  This Workshop provides a valuable opportunity for training, networking, and collaboration for Land Managers and staff of the 36 Conservation Authorities in the province of Ontario. The annual Workshop provides an excellent opportunity for all staff to connect with each other. Check out the Nine Years in Review presentation to learn more. 

Build: Attendees will be invited to share their experiences in making the most of natural spaces when building conservation areas.

Teach: Engaging in environmental education is crucial for land managers. The importance of educating the public on the value of conserving natural spaces, and developing deeper connections between people and nature will be highlighted through this year’s conference.  

Connect: The workshop seeks to emphasize how Conservation Areas across the province can connect people and promote an understanding of the importance of maintaining natural habitat. Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate on techniques and strategies for fostering these connections.